Hemp Leaf is the green currency of the future

Industrial Hemp will save America’s farmers

“Despite the delay in this year’s farm bill, one thing is clear: hemp and hemp-derived CBD is likely to become federally legal in the U.S.”(2018,Dec,www.forbes.com)

How America’s farmers struggle

Hemp is poised to save America’s struggling farm communities. Right before harvest the Trump administration imposed tariffs on China and no one felt the impact more fiercely than American farmers. High duties imposed on crops such as soybeans and corn stripped American farmers of markets and the ability to turn a fair profit. In spite of the recent agreement to suspend tariff hikes, the more than 130 billion dollars in tariffs imposed by the Chinese on American goods has had a crippling effect on our nation’s farmers.

Hemp is the answer

Enter Hemp…poised to pass in the upcoming farm bill, it opens up a new industry for American farmers. CBD products have taken the nation by storm. Businesses produce everything from CBD oil for pets to beauty products. 43 states have some form of legalized Cannabis use. The farm bill will make Hemp legal in all 50 states without prejudice. Because of the growing demand for CBD products, some farmers converting to Hemp from other crops. The wide range of use creates a domestic market with untapped potential. Small farmers will have the ability to grow a sustainable crop with a built in sales pipeline unaffected by foreign markets.

Holistic Corn

Holistic Corn microwave popcorn is produced with 100% pure American Hemp. Our unique triple distilled CBD is a THC free delivery system allows you to enjoy the full effect at the time of consumption. We support local farmers and proudly produce our product in the USA. Based in Portland, Oregon our values reflect our community. We believe in sustainability, farm to table living, buying local and helping our neighbors. Our mission is to help you add CBD to your self care regimen because it’s beneficial to you. We developed our popcorn as a delicious treat for the entire family. Movie night will never be the same… Just Pop, Eat, Repeat!

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