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Visit us on Facebook for an open discussion about CBD, it’s use in alternative health and living a healthy lifestyle. We want to talk about the different ways CDB and alternative health has impacted your life and build a community dedicated to wellness. On Facebook we post articles, link to events, share experiences and support each other in making better self care choices.

Alternative Living

We believe that you have a choice to reject big pharma and embrace a holistic lifestyle. Because you add vitamins and supplements to your daily routine naturally you’d want to incorporate CBD for it’s benefits. Studies have shown that CBD has the potential to reduce anxiety, help with neurodegenerative disorders, aid digestion and help with pain. On Facebook we discuss our personal experiences and help each other learn about different approaches to living a healthy lifestyle. We want to create a community of people that embrace alternative health. We believe that sharing our individual journeys will help others fully experience theirs. By having a safe space to discuss CBD and it’s use we hope you’ll feel empowered to reach out to your neighbors and talk about alternative health. As a collective joining together we have the power to empower each other!

alternative health discussion

Holistic Corn CBD discussion page about alternative health


Alternative Health and You

When you choose a CBD delivery method you’re looking for the highest possible effect with the most pleasurable experience. Throw away those overly sweetened syrups and candy that tastes faintly like dirt and try Holistic Corn microwave popcorn. Our THC free proprietary blend of CBD and Turmeric will help you live your best life. We recommend three bags a week for the most benefit. Just Pop, Eat, Repeat!

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